Kraków – bird’s-eye view


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When I was checking stats on Flickr I noticed that this photo has much more views than all my other photos. It turned out that someone had put link to it on some forum :)


  1. 1-10-2009

    Krakow on a foggy day

    • 7-25-2016

      Te agradezco que la leas, Alberto y te agradezco tu cootenarim. Una cosa es opinar sobre una novela y otra muy distinta entrar en insultos personales sobre quien opina de ella. De esos no admito ninguno y serán ELIMINADOS y BANEADOS de inmediato. Este es mi blog. Al que no le guste, que se las pire con viento fresco, o con viento del cálido de ahora.

    • 11-5-2016

      that the other two were even worse in terms of being drawn out and boring and my sampling confirmed that.Disclaimer 2: I don’t generally care for poetry, and certainly not epic-length poetry. And more especially not indifferent poetic translations into English. And I wasn’t about to learn Medieval Tuscan just so I could read Inferno in all its native glory.  SteveF

    • 11-15-2016

      Shane, I disagree. Typically environmental protection and public roadways fall outside of market incentives. I’ve seen that as a former corporate defense lawyer who defended major chemical companies and the transportation industry. I wish this wasn’t true but that has been my experience and the opinion of libertarian leaders like Dennis Miller and John Stossel.

    • 12-30-2016

      Felicia skriver:Hej.Jag undrar om eran äldsta dotter Linnéa har börjat sminka sig och gillar kläder, skor?vem av era barn har störst intresse för kläder?KramFelicia, 16 år

  2. 3-10-2009

    really cool light, especially the chimney smoke! :-)

  3. 6-1-2009


  4. 6-28-2011

    Rewelacja. Piękne…

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    Dziękuję Krzyśku To jest jedno z moich uubionych zdjęć.

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